Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Watercolor Study
8.5" x 11"
I have completed the sunflower which I had begun in the last post. I think I am going to do this flower in a larger format - maybe a half sheet of watercolor paper. 

I have often been asked about how to create backgrounds in watercolor, and I have written a few posts on what I do. I must say, I enjoy working the background until I get something I think is unique and interesting, yet doesn't compete with the subject itself. For me, it is an additive and subtractive exercise, taking advantage of runs and blooms, using certain brushes, until I like what I see. Sometimes I have to let it all dry and then go back in...but eventually I end up with what I call my "batik" background. 

I've been asked about whether I give lessons in watercolor by several people lately.  I think it would be fun to hold a Watercolor Workshop for beginners to see them delight in the way this medium works. There is just nothing like the effects watercolor produces! Would you be interested in taking a Saturday workshop in watercolor? If so, drop me a note here: info@joannegiesbrecht.com. You never know - maybe we can form a little class this fall!

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Sandi Lear - Oz said...

Gorgeous as usual....love how you have done the heart of the sunflower....
If you do any online classes, I'll be in it for sure!! just have to watch for the time difference...