Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We are having such a spectacular fall that I must admit - I've been in the mountains hiking more than I've been in the studio painting. I have worked some more on this pond lily though...and it is coming along quite beautifully. I have been painting the canvas upside down, but I photographed it right side up for you to see. :-) The part I am just about done is the reflections in the water. Once those are completed and dried, I'll start on the lily, then the final details. It has been so much fun to work on this painting. I love how creamy the oil paints are, and how smooth they feel on the canvas. Once the weather turns, this one will be quickly finished up. In the meantime, I have art students that begin lessons this week, several coffee dates and meetings, as well as a garden to continue to finish up. Things are busy - but I do enjoy having a full life. 

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