Thursday, November 1, 2012


In the evening, while my husband watches his sports games, I feel that I need something that I can do while being with him, since I don't really enjoy sports the same way he does. The thing I like, is to work on various pencil sketches. There's no pressure to finish within any length of time, I can be as detailed as I choose, and if they aren't "up to snuff", no one ever sees them. 

The one that I have just begun seems to be coming along well, so I thought I would show you the beginning stages. :-) This one is from a photo reference that I took in the San Diego Zoo a few years ago. From one of the photos, I  did a full sheet watercolor painting which you can see on my website watercolor page. It was interesting when a person connected with the zoo contacted me to say she recognized the elephant when she saw the painting. Now that was like beautiful music to my ears. The sketch is going MUCH faster than the painting did, which is one of the reasons I find pencil and paper enjoyable and relaxing. 

beginnings in pencil sketch

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