Thursday, May 23, 2013


It is ironic, I think, that I have been working very hard the last two weeks, and I have "nothing to show for it". :-)  By that I mean, I have completed two portraits of two little girls in charcoal, but I can't post pictures of them. You see, the portraits are to be gifts from the grandparents to the parents of the girls, and with the way things travel around the internet, chances are the parents would see the pieces before they are presented if I post photos of them. 

When the portraits were commissioned, I talked with the clients about how this kind of an investment becomes a heritage item. The parents have the portraits first, but at some point, they will go to each of the girls who can show their children what they looked like as young girls. They will be passed down to those children and their children, and they will know what their grandmothers looked like in 2013. It truly is a gift that continues to give throughout many, many years ahead! I just LOVE that about doing commissioned portraits!

Since I have "nothing to show" for the last 2 weeks' work, I thought I would post a few of the pieces I finished up from my Venetian Plaster workshop which I took last month. The plaster is similar in some ways to my Textured Acrylics, but there are things I was able to accomplish with these that gives them different qualities as well. 

The blowing trees was done on a masonite board, while the others are all on gallery depth birch panels. 

I have shown you how the sides are finished on one of the pieces. These were are small learning pieces (5" x 7" or 8" x 8")  which were fun to experiment upon. I have now purchased some large birch panels which I will be creating new works upon in just a few days. FUN!!! And messy...but did I say FUN??? Yes!


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