Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Last week and this week, I am back in the Calgary area, spending time with our kids and grandkids. The weather has been a mixed bag - snow and cold last week, with sun and warm days this week. I can see a bit of green grass peeking out and the buds on the trees are becoming bigger. Maybe Spring will finally arrive in this part of the world after all.

While traveling here, and in my free time, I determined I would do some sketching/drawing. Because I am a "painter", I tend to not practice my drawing skills, so this seemed like a perfect time. I am using a coiled sketch book so that it lays flat when I use it, whether in the truck or in the house. I brought along my pencils, but so far have just used a standard 2B. I am slow at drawing...but once something begins to take shape I am encouraged to "keep at it". :-) Here is the first few hours on a drawing based on a photo I took. Although it is no where near complete, my grandsons say they knew who this was the moment they saw it. They are so sweet!

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