Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Mr. Fox
9" x 12" acrylic
About 4 years ago, we were leaving  the Lake of the Woods area of Ontario after enjoying a sibling vacation. The rock outcroppings of the Canadian Shield are particularly spectacular there: cobalt blues, raw sienna yellows and burnt sienna reds are against slate grey...so I had Syd stop the jeep with the intention of  getting some photos.

We had just pulled over to the side of the highway when a fox came out of the woods, crossed the road, and sat in front of our jeep on the passenger side. She sat and posed for me for at least 15 minutes. I shot  about 100 pictures, and talked to her, but she totally ignored me. As she sat, she yawned and looked at everything except me!  She didn't seem nervous or skittish either. After getting all the shots of her I could possibly want, Syd started the van. When the fox heard the noise, she stood up, stretched, and sauntered off into the bush, not looking back. It was the most extraordinary experience ever!

I have a young grandson who likes foxes, and since I did a painting for each of his siblings, I decided I had better do one for him as well so that he doesn't feel left out. Even though I am pretty sure the fox was female, I have named it "Mr. Fox" because I think my grandson will like that title. The painting will be travelling with me on Sunday - to Spain, where he lives. It will be a surprise gift for him, so don't tell!

And yes - you read correctly. We are headed to Spain on Sunday for a month of being with our family there. I am pretty sure my time on the internet will be very limited, so I may not post on this blog for a while, but I will take lots of pictures, and some of them may even make it into a painting! I plan to do lots of drawing in my sketch book as well, so that I don't end up feeling "rusty" after our trip. 

I wish you all a wonderful, warm, safe and sunny summer, with just enough rain to water all your gardens and plants! Travel safely, and talk to you again in July.  

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