Monday, August 4, 2014


A week ago, the couple from Calgary who commissioned me to do portraits of each of their grandchildren visited us here in our new home! They and a couple they brought with them (sister and BIL) stayed for lunch and the afternoon. It was wonderful to see them again. But what was extra special was that their son, DIL and granddaughters were vacationing close by, and they came later in the afternoon to meet us! I actually got to see, in person, two of the children whose faces I "knew" quite well! One of the girls wants to pursue an art career when she is older (she's in grade 3), so it was fun to show her my studio and the piece I am currently working on. :-)

Here is the process and completed 3rd portrait in the series of 5 that I did for that couple. You will notice that some of the photos look more "warm" than others. That is because some of the pictures of the process were taken at night, under different lighting than the daytime photos.

9" x 12" charcoal portrait

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