Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Starting on a commission is always exciting for me. I look forward to creating a piece of art that will bring joy and happiness to the people who have trusted me to be their artist. I find that art is a very personal thing...and to paint for someone else is both thrilling and a bit scary, depending on the subject matter. 

This piece, however, is just plain fun! I got this far today, and will allow the paint to set up before I go back into it. What is left now is the center which is white and yellow, so the paint has to be dry before I paint there. Then will come the ridges on the outside of some of the leaves, and the background. I think they are going to like this one! It is 18" x 18", oil on standard canvas. 

I'll post the finished piece sometime in the next couple of weeks, which is when I expect it will be completed. :-)

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