Thursday, March 5, 2015


I have recently received an email, inviting me to enter an art contest. I often get this kind of email, and I used to get excited about them...that is, until I realized that each time I entered a contest I had to pay entry fees, transportation costs for the art to go to the exhibit, brokerage fees, and on and on it goes. I have even been invited (many years in a row) to enter a contest where I can pay to have my work in a book which then goes to libraries around the world! I believe the name for these kind of contests is "vanity shows". 

The email I received this morning was different, though. I have never received one from this organization, and it piqued my interest as it is from the Art Museum of Chianciano in Tuscany, Italy. Now THERE is a place I would love to go! The invitation also looks more professional than the usual, so I took a brief tour of the website, and viewed their winners from the last two shows. What a pleasure to see that a Canadian artist, Steven Spazuk,  took 3rd place in the 2009 Chianciano Biennale! Here is a video of Steven with one of his art projects...I love his work, his creativity, his "no box" thinking! He has represented Canada so very well in this competition... I hope you enjoy this short but amazing video!

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