Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Summer is drawing to a close. How is it possible that it flew by so quickly? Family, friends, lots of laughter, hikes, beaches, late nights, good food...and suddenly the days are gone!

Fall brings new opportunities, though, some of which involve entering juried art shows. A new crow from my "Birds of a Feather" series was juried into the Arrowsmith Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists' fall show, which is currently running in Parksville, BC. Its name is "Transformation". 

Birds of a Feather - Transformation
20" x 24" o/c

As well, I have 3 paintings which I will be taking to Sydney, BC on Sunday for jurying, to see if they will be accepted into the Sydney Fine Arts Show. One of them is a painting of an old boat, another of a harbour seal, and this one of a sea lion, based on a photo which I took when she was on a float of cedar logs. I loved how her flipper was in the water as though she was just being cool about testing the water before she slipped in for a dip. 

Sea Lion
30" x 30" o/c

Although I would love to have all 3 juried into the show, I have come to accept that rejection is inevitable when you are applying to art shows. I feel very privileged to have had my work accepted into 2 shows already this year, but it has been surprising to me which pieces were "declined", and which were "accepted". It really does depend on who the jurors are,  and what they feel is appropriate for a given show. As an artist, you don't always know that before you pay your entry fees. But, I keep trying, and hoping, that my work will make the grade. For the Sydney show, I won't know until the end of the month if my pieces are in the show. It is a waiting game now!

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