Friday, October 26, 2007

Sharp Shinned Hawks

One of the things I appreciate about living in Alberta is the sight of hay bales littering the fields throughout the countryside. One day, as my husband and I were driving down a road, we saw these 2 hawks - a mother and an immature male - on top of a bale of hay. The beauty of the mother's blue feathers, and the stunning coloring of the immature male made me realize all over again how amazing creation is!

If you are interested in purchasing this piece or commissioning something similar, please contact me.


Michelle said...

I LOVE how you've balanced the realism of the hawks with the soft painterly approach to the hay bale.

You've captured the sky beautifully as well.

Nicely done!

Kim said...

On closer inspection, the hawks' faces are stunningly intense. I did not realize how well you have captured their "look" until I peered at the painting up close.