Friday, March 14, 2008

Coffee Time

I cannot seem to get a good picture of this painting - it looks SO much better in "real life"! Oh well... it is a lovely little 6 x 6 inch acrylic. A few weeks ago I had did this painting  on 6 x 6 panel, framed it and gave it to my husband for his office. There was so much interest in it that I decided to do another, this time on canvas. It has turned out just as inviting as the first one. 

It is rather funny, I think, how some artists think alike, and are working on similar projects without even knowing it. An international artist friend of mine, Veronica Funk, has just begun blogging, painting in oils, and creating a painting a day. She has begun a series of - you guessed it - coffee cups! She will laugh when she sees that I too had been working on the same subject matter.

By the way, my website is up and running.  I have a couple of spectacular photos you might want to check out. One is of a young grinning moose (really - you can see his teeth!) and another of a storm front which moved in just at sunrise. You can visit it at

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Jean Victory said...

The link to your website is now listed under my links on my website. Actually you're listed right under Jerry's Artarama. Maybe it will give you a little extra exposure...we'll see. My mother and I just loved that painting of yours titled "Wooden Bucket", it's a nice piece! As for gallery advice...that's tough! Maybe approach smaller galleries first if your hesitant or nervous. Never show up at a gallery and expect to show them your work without an appointment. I send out cold call generic letters to galleries that I'm interested in, make it quick and to the point. I have my own letterhead that I write this on. I also include some images of my work with my resume and an artist statement. Some galleries have specific requirements for artists that want to submit work for consideration so you may want to check their website. I hope this's basic information. Let me know if you need extra help.