Thursday, June 5, 2008


"Sunflowers" has been juried into the Empty Bowls Arts Festival held by the Airdrie Regional Arts Society.  The actual auction takes place on June 19th. Until then, the selected pieces will be on display in a lovely little coffee house in Airdrie named Benjamin's.  I feel really honored to have my piece selected. I hope it sells! All the proceeds will go to support the Airdrie Food Bank which does amazing work in the community. 

My painting "Pink Ladies" which was in the FAC Art Auction sold 3 weeks ago. A portion of the proceeds from it went to support compassion projects in Latin America and Africa. 

I love the idea of being able to reach out and help others in this way. :-) It brings even MORE joy into the painting process.


Anonymous said...

Jo - the sunflowers look terrific "for real" (in Kate's words)!

Kim said...

Congratulations! (I think you might be the only one surprised at being chosen and sold, though...The rest of us think you are absolutely divine!)

Joanne said...

Hi Veronica,
Thanks for letting me know that you like that painting. I really value your opinion! I have been enjoying your posts this week - love the mugs - but have had no time to comment. As you know, this weekend is BIG in preparation - am even working from home today.I hope to get in some painting this weekend, but it is looking doubtful... sigh! Take care.

Kate - Thank you for your comment. I know that you have a great sense of what is good art - so I count your feedback as very important to me.

Joanne said...

Kimmy - You are such a great daughter! Your faith in me helps me to climb mountains I never thought I could tackle. I can't wait to see your painting finished - what a feeling of accomplishment it will be for you to have an amazing painting for your first one. Love you!

Michelle said...

I wish to impress upon readers that this sunflower painting is BIG (Is it 36" x 36"?) and so vibrant and striking in real life.

Paintings when they grab you on the computer monitor will blow you away in real life when you see the rich hues and brush strokes.

I hope this one goes to a great home.

Joanne said...

Thanks, Michelle... as always, your artistic insights help to spur me on to do more and to reach farther than I thought possible. It is exciting to see all the different expressions of each artist's work that are a part of this project. It would be wonderful if all the paintings sold!