Friday, May 30, 2008

a work in progress

After spending two weeks in Mexico, what else would I want to do except paint something that reflects the sights, sounds and smells of the fabulous marketplaces which are in every city? So, here is the beginning of a full sheet watercolor of a lovely woman selling flowers.

I told you that we had several adventures on this trip - the first being just getting to the airport. Because of the snow, we had to wait for our plane to be de-iced, which meant we were late taking off. We made it into Los Angeles just in time to make our connecting flight, but when we arrived in Guadalajara, we discovered that our 3 checked bags had not made the connecting flight. It is such a pain to try to explain that you are missing luggage when you do not speak much Spanish, and the forms you have to fill out are not long, but painfully slow to do. Our kids thought we had missed our flight, and were ready to leave the airport just as we came through the customs doors - whew! Glad they waited so long! It was a 37 degree C. day - and we were loving every minute of warmth. :-)

When we got to the house, we found this very sweet message from our granddaughter who had given up her room for us.  There was also artwork on the walls, which had price tags on each one - her own art gallery. We ended up buying every picture of course... what fun! What a great imagination she has!

Our luggage arrived late the next day, to the delight of all. We finally had clothes to wear, and the gifts we took from others as well as us were given out. There was a great deal of excitement in the air. One of the items the children had asked for was a pair of rubber boots, so that when the rainy season comes, they can be outside in the rain. (My daughter remembers vividly her red pair of boots which she wore when she splashed in puddles and walked to school. I am sure she has told her children stories about those red boots!) You will not believe it, but the next afternoon, there was actually a shower. Sydney and Mateo ran to get on their new boots, and played in the yard as the few sprinkles came down. They weren't even wet when the rain ended, but they had "played in the rain"!

Next post I will tell you about our trip to the beach - Manzanillo. Another adventure for another day!

Now back to painting. YEAH!!!


Michelle said...

Sydney is my kind of kid. :)

So glad you are back - I am very excited to see where this vacation takes your artwork!

Kim said...

Love the painting. The colors are so perfect, really. Can't wait to see it done. As for the art gallery, we have temporarily halted paintings for sale, and now have a store where you can purchase old toys for an outlandish price, and you even have to pay to use the restroom, which is now labelled as co-ed. The paintings continue, but for the moment they are being lovingly donated to her parents.

Dave Peters said...

This is going to be a great painting!

Also, I love going into blogs where I can see pictures of my grandkids.

Joanne said...

Thanks everyone! I am hoping this piece will be one that I can hang on my wall for some time!