Monday, July 28, 2008

Photographer's Forum Magazine contest finalist

Back in April, I decided to enter some of my photos in a couple of photography contests. One of the contests was the 28th Annual Spring Photography Contest with the magazine "Photographer's Forum". This contest is co-sponsored by Canon. 

Photographers Forum Magazine is aimed at the emerging professional photographer, with lots of interesting tips and articles on well known and becoming well known photographers. There is a lot of information on the latest in technology related to the field of photography, and a great deal of advertising of equipment which makes me realize just how painfully amateur I am in this field!

This spring, the magazine received around 3,000 entries from the US, Canada, and around the world for the contest. The judges of the entries are themselves professional photographers, and teach photography at various colleges. They have chosen the top entries to become the "finalists", and from this group 4 winners and 100 honorable mentions will be chosen. 

All of the finalists will have their photos published in the  Best of Photography Annual 2008 hardcover book which is sent to college libraries and instructors of photography, art and graphic design. Since this is a limited edition publication, they do not do a reprinting of any year - just the original run of the book.

I just received a letter informing me that one of my photos has been chosen as a finalist in this contest. It will be published in the Annual Best of Photography book, and will go on to compete for one of the top 4 or 100 honorable mention positions. I am thrilled!!! To have made that cut from among 3000 entries I count as a huge honor, and to be published is such a wonderful bonus! The photo which has become a finalist is "Misty Mountain" which you can see in my January 2008 blog, or on my website

The contest is completed and winners notified by August 15, 2008. I already feel like a "winner" in being chosen as a finalist. 


Andrea said...

Wow congratulations!! I also entered the contest with 13 total entries in both the color and black/white sections. Hopefully I'll at least get an honorable mention notification soon. Where do you live? I'm hoping it just takes longer for the mail to make it to Texas. =)

Congrats again! Hope you make the winner's list!

Joanne said...

Hi Andrea,
I hope you too get a letter soon! I live in Canada, just outside of Calgary, Alberta. It is weird how mail works - and as you say, it may be that they mailed to contestants outside of the US first, just to make sure that they got the notification in plenty of time to respond (you had to send back a card to ensure the printing of your information for the photo book was accurate). Keep looking in the mail - it would be great if you made it into the finalists' group as well!!! Thanks for visiting my blog - hope to "see" you again.

Dave Peters said...

Congratulations Joanne. You take great pictures, and I'm glad that one of your photographs made the cut.
I'm heading off to Venezuela on Tuesday and will be gone for two months. Will be checking your blog regularly while there.
I haven't done anything with my blog in a long time, but might use it to keep my family and friends up-to-date on my time away.

Joanne said...

Thanks, Dave. I am quite excited to think that Misty Mountain was chosen! Have a safe trip to Venezuela. Two months is a long time to be away... especially from that new little grandson you now have. I will check out your blog to see how you are doing while you are in Latin America. I will be keeping Kim informed about my medical stuff, so you can get the news from her. Take care, and thanks for keeping in touch!

Alvin R. said...

Congratulations Joanne, you deserve it. It is always thilling to be included in a shortlist and a finalist. I am sure that you will treasure that book for always.

I few years back I won a Special Merit Award in the Kodak International Snapshot Awards (KINSA) and my photo was exhibited at the National Geographics in Washington DC & the Kodak Pavillion of Imagination at Epcot.

Hoping your entry makes it all the way to the Top. Bonne Cahnce!!!

Joanne said...

Not only are you an incredible, world-recognized artist, but you are also an award-winning photographer!!!! I bet you have even won races when you've been biking!!! Is there anything you don't do well? :-)
Thanks for the praise - it truly means a lot coming from you. And you are right - that book is going to be a life-long treasure, and something to hand down to my children and grandchildren. I feel very blessed.

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I've been able to stop by here. How I've missed viewing your paintings.

Congratulations on being chosen as a finalist in the photo contest. Awesome! I looked up Misty Mountain on your site and found it stunning. I loved all the photos on your site, actually.

Thanks for your very kind words on my sight. You sure know how to help a gal feel better and recuperate quickly.


Joanne said...

Hi Paz,

Thanks for stopping by... get better really soon! Don't want to miss seeing summer in New York through your camera lens! :-) Talk to you again soon!