Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting for the Master

Okay - I admit it. I have a love-hate relationship with this painting. There are parts I just love, and there are parts I am finding extremely frustrating. It is not quite finished, and I am not sure whether I will complete it. I have never tried to paint metal before, and the trumpet is driving me crazy. I do love how this paper (Opus 140 lb. cold pressed) has "grabbed" the paint and made the wall look just like the stucco of the actual wall. It is also a very tough paper, able to be scrubbed and abused without too much damage. On the other hand, it is hard to correct any mistakes and some parts look flawed because of how it has handled the water/paint ratio. If nothing else, it has taught me a lot about certain aspects of working on papers other than what I normally use (Arches 300 lb. cold pressed). 

So - is it worth my time to complete this painting? I am just not sure. I was thinking of burning it just last week. Now, I am thinking of giving more hours to what could be a hopeless cause. Hmmm... I need some perspective other than my own. Anyone care to tell me how you handle these types of problems? Do you put it away for a year and then revive it? Do you do it over again (can't even go there right now). Do you just tell yourself that someone will like it? (Can't imagine that - I paint so that I will like it, and am pleased when someone else does too.) BIG SIGH!

Okay - I have whined enough. Back to the drawing board - think I will prep a canvas tonight for a painting I have in mind to try. Thanks for listening!


Michelle said...

Hmmmm to continue or not... I've faced this one too many times!

A few things I've learned about painting metal.

- remember that it isn't just "gold" or "silver" but its usually a white white/vs dark dark with some reflections cast in the metal's colour plus some of the metal's colour. If that makes sense.

- you really have to turn off your brain when you are looking at the metal item. Unlike a flower or stone path where lights and darks flow sensibly into each other, metal has crazy reflections that are distorted by the bends. SO look at it and break it down into lines and shapes that are darks and lights and when you are done, step back and say "oh! metal!" :)

Your violins are lovely in this, as is the warm colour palette.

Sue said...

The previous comment is in concord with mine, because I've popped in to say that I think the trumpet's highlights are the problem and that there needs to be some whiter touches in there to harmonise with those on the violins, and of course the lack of (other)colour reflection is making the trumpet look a bit flat, not as dimensional as the rest. I't's goin to be superb, it's just not quite there yet. To destroy it would be a waste of a lovely creation, despite the lessons learned.

Liam said...

Hi Joanne,

I am not a painter, but I know beauty when I see it. And boy, do I see it! As soon as I saw this piece, I gasped, just like I did with those sunflowers. It makes me want to now what is beyond the borders of the painting, what else is going on in that room. I love it.

Life has been a bit crazy for me as of late, but that cup of coffee is still calling me. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon.

(((BIG HUGS)))


ps. Don't be confused by the name Liam up at the top. I started a blog for my son. What fun!

Anonymous said...

I actually love it just the way it is...beautiful composition and colour. I think it looks terrific Joanne.

Joanne said...

Hi Michelle,
I am thinking that perhaps I need a personal demonstration in how to paint metal.. are you available? :-)
I get what you are saying about the crazy and distorted reflections. It probably helps to either have metal right there as you are painting or to look at other artist's paintings of metal. Of course some artists are able to master metal better than others - but yes, the reflections definitely help to make the metal believable.
Thanks for the help.

Joanne said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for taking the time to make a comment. I agree the trumpet is flat right now, and that it does need work on the highlights and reflections. I guess I should give it another try to see what can be done to get that part right, and then finish up the detailing in a few other areas. I appreciate the encouragement.

Joanne said...

Cynthia! It is so good to hear from you!!!!

You are so kind in your praise... it gives me the courage to go back and continue to work on this piece. You know, if you make time for coffee, you can also enjoy the beautiful art you spoke of. Sunflowers is hanging in my kitchen close to the table where we could sit and look out over the valley...

Whenever life sloooows down, let's make sure we get together. Otherwise Liam is going to be in school before I get to see him again.

Thanks for making a comment here - you always cheer me up! :-)

Joanne said...

Veronica - I am so glad you are back from your vacation, rested and relaxed! Thanks for your kind and encouraging comment. It helps to know that you think there is not much "out of whack" that needs more work. Looking forward to seeing more of your new work from your holidays! :-)

Liam said...

oooOOOooo, I'd love to see Sun Flowers in real life! Plus we could gossip about Kim, and she'd never know it (she doesn't check this site, does she? Heehee!). Lets plan for a day in August if we can. Mmmm, coffee....


Jean Victory said...

Try not to worry about painting metal. Just paint the color notes and shapes that you see...basically break it down and try not to panic.

Joanne said...


I would love coffee in August. I will now have your company to look forward to - and coffee on the deck in sunshine and soft breezes. Nothing could be better!

Joanne said...

Hi Jean,

Thank you for the advice. I know that you speak from experience - your last painting of the metal on the syrup container was really wonderful! Thank you too for the words "try not to panic". There is that sense of having put so much energy into a painting, and seeing one part not "happening", and then beginning to panic! I will go back into this piece and work on the trumpet - but not for a few weeks. I think I need to give myself time to remove that "panic" from my thinking before I touch it again. Thanks for the visit, Jean. As always, you make me feel like I am on the right track! :-)

Alexander Bogomazov said...

Hi. My gratitude cannot he expressed in words.

Joanne said...

Hi Alexander!

I am glad you like this painting... and thank you for visiting my blog. Your art is beautiful. The color combinations are just lovely!!!

Come back again. Thanks again.