Friday, September 19, 2008

In Recovery at Home

Well, I am happy to say that I now count myself as a pituitary tumor survivor. It has been just over a week since my endoscopic surgery, and all in all I am doing quite well, I believe. The restrictions which the doctors have placed on me during recovery are very limiting - no driving, no bending over, no lifting anything over 5 pounds, but I am happy to comply as these doctors took such good care of me! My daughter, Kim, came to Canada from Mexico to look after me (and my husband), and my daughter-in-law, Jessica,  has helped out since Kim left on Sunday. You are not kept in the hospital for very long if you have good home care as there is such a shortage of beds in our hospitals. 

The way this tumor was discovered is that I began to painlessly loose my eyesight, especially in my right eye - not good for a passionate painter/photographer. I am excited to say that my eyesight is restored - if not 100%, then I think definitely close to it. I won't know the full extent of recovery until I have my eyesight tested again in about 6 weeks. I have never seen so many doctors, had so many tests, and given so many donations of blood in my entire life! However, I am extremely grateful for the incredible thoroughness and compassion I found amongst the medical profession in this city. 

So... since I am unable to go out to take pictures (and indeed I won't feel up to that for a while I am sure), I thought I would post some which I took about this time last fall. In this part of Alberta, most of the trees are ones which turn yellow. There are just a few which have touches of red or orange- nothing like the eastern maple trees which blaze with reds and oranges. In the one photo, you will notice the mountains in the distance. The Black Angus is a very striking breed of cattle which have such an intense black color that they were amazing against the yellow leaves.

I hope to post a new painting by next week - when my headaches stop, and I can bend my head forward to draw and paint longer than a few minutes at a time. You cannot believe how many things we do with our heads in the "down" position!!! 

Thank you to all who stopped by and left me good wishes and get well notes on this blog and via e-mail. It meant a lot to me. :-)


Kim said...

Beautiful photos, Mom. It was my pleasure to come and serve you as you began your recovery. After 30 (some) years of you looking after me, I finally got to boss YOU around for a bit. No, seriously, I love you deeply and was grateful for the opportunity to help out a bit and to be there and talk art with you.

Dave Peters said...

So good to see you posting again, and know that you are recovering well from your surgery.

Joanne said...

I am grateful to you and to Kurt for the time you devoted to me during this surgery/recovery Kim. It was indeed special to have my own daughter by my side, and I know your dad appreciated your support in ways you will never know. I am so excited to see your move into becoming an amazing artist! It was so much fun to see you soaking up everything in my studio!!! What fun we will have in the years ahead as we work together encouraging one another...I look forward to it! Love you...

Joanne said...

Hi Dave and Arlene,
I, too, am happy to be able to post again, and I am looking forward to continuing in my artistic endeavors on an even deeper level of time and commitment. Syd bought me a GPS for my birthday so that I can now travel the back roads for my photography and find my way back home again! How supportive is that? I have also bought some oil paints to play around with - so one day in the distant future, I may have something in oils to post! Thanks for all your prayers and support - you are loved and appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm reading this late but I'm thankful that you are out of surgery and feeling much better. Glad you have your eyesight back.

I'm sending you a big hug and kiss from NYC!


Joanne said...


You are the sweetest ever! I am taking that hug and kiss and feeling treasured because of it! Thanks for your visit, and for caring... I'll be visiting your site on Sunday to see your latest shadow photo. Till then, take care of yourself!