Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Out of Service" for a couple of weeks...

I love this new feature of blogspot, where you can preload a post and know that it will come up on the day and at the time you have specified! 

By the time this posts, I will have had major surgery, and will still be in the hospital. I expect that I will be recuperating at home for a couple of weeks, so I will likely not be doing any painting during this time. I will post again as soon as I am able to get back to the easel, and have something to show you. I may be able to post some photos... we shall see...

In the meantime, I will be checking out many of your sites and enjoying your latest creations.
I do have a bit of news, though. The painting I donated to the Art Auction for the Bergen's (Whole, Half, Quarters) sold to a private collector in Greece. The auction was a great success, with enough money raised to buy land to build an orphanage in the area of Kenya in which  the Bergen's work.  They do plan to return and continue the work with the poor and orphans as soon as their health permits. You have to admire their tenacity!

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of fall in whatever part of the world you live. This time of year is full of wonderful surprises - color, trees, flowers, creatures, birds, skies and much more which are all putting on their last show of beauty and color before the cold of winter. I love the crispness in the mornings, the produce at the markets, the brilliant clearness of the air, and the smell of hot coffee as I sit on my "sundeck" catching the first rays of sunlight over the trees in the morning. The mountains already have a good coating of white snow. Against the incredible blue of our Alberta skies, it is a magnificent sight.

Take care, and see you again, God willing, in a couple of weeks.



Liam (and his mom) said...

An ingrown toenail is major surgery these days??? Hmmm, go figure. As your daughter's BFF I'm aloud to tease like that, right? :o)

You are one of the most beautiful and courageous women I know, and I am honored to be able to walk with you, even from afar, through some of this journey you are on. I have learned so much about God's grace, just by watching how your family loves you. They love you completely, through and through. Blessings abound!

That cup of coffee we were going to have is probably getting pretty cold. Better put on a fresh pot!

Love you!

Michelle said...

Joanne, it figures that you would figure out the pre loaded post feature long before I ever did.

Take care and use this time to rest up, build that creative fire back up and plan your next step.

I look forward to seeing you when you are feeling a bit better. We'll have coffee and a good long chat.

Take care my friend. May God bless you during this time. :)


Dave Peters said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well, Joanne. Now we´ll pray for a quick recovery.

Alvin Richard said...

Wishes you a speedy recovery and hoping every thing went well with your surgery. Congrates with your sale to a Greek collector....fab!

Jean Victory said...

Get well soon...I've been thinking of you and hope all went well.

Linda Stilin said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery - I look forward to your return to "service". All the best...