Monday, October 12, 2009


Female Turkey - click on picture to enlarge

Male Turkey - click on picture to enlarge

I had never seen real live turkeys before visiting Salt Spring Island in BC in January of this year. And I certainly never knew how beautifully colored the female is... in this case I think the female bird is much more beautiful than the male.

These photos were taken as we traveled on a road that went by a farm. It was raining heavily, and so I took these from inside the car. If you click on the pictures to enlarge, you will actually see raindrops on the head and feathers of the female.

I thought it might be fitting to show what a real live turkey looks like on this Thanksgiving Monday as many of us only see them as carcasses on the serving platter at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Pretty impressive birds...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating this weekend!

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Paz said...

Great shots taken from inside the care!

So, what did make? What was on the menu?

Happy Thanksgiving!