Friday, October 9, 2009

West Coast Beauty

Last weekend my husband and I flew west to the coast to visit some very good friends. They asked us what we wanted to do while there, and the one thing both of us wished for was to walk on the beach. Our wish was granted - and we had a couple of lovely walks along the boardwalk that borders the beach in White Rock, BC.

Lying on the beach was this perfect shell. I left it there after taking a picture. It is hard to imagine that this beautiful "piece of art" once housed a living creature as its home!

This gull was successfully clamming. Once it had dug up the clam, it began to move out of the tide pool to eat its meal. I don't know how this is communicated, but a flock of other gulls was suddenly descending on this poor bird... I'm not sure how much of its catch it actually got to eat!

This picture I call "Beach Wrinkles"! Silvery in the afternoon light, these wrinkles in the sand show the wave action... but how is it that they remain when the tide goes out?

This beautiful Heron landed right in front of me with a fish in its beak which it had just caught. There were two Herons on the beach, as well as geese, ducks and of course, the gulls.

These people were on the beach by these poles, backlit by the sun. I thought they made a beautiful contrast to the silver of the water and sand.

The weekend was so wonderful! We had a fabulous time with our friends (thanks Donna and Gerry!) and felt rested and restored when we flew back to Calgary. After enjoying beautiful weather in BC, we landed to snow on the ground here at home, and it has been snowing ever since! Honestly! Two weeks ago (or less) it was 30 degrees C. Now it is below zero! Can we not have a gradual decline into winter?

Unfortunately, that was our last trip of this year. Now we will just have to suffer whatever weather comes our way, remembering the warmth we experienced on the coast and in Mexico this summer. *sigh*

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