Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Susan Boyle is such an example of perseverance, through adversity and over time. Amazon has a book out on her life - which is to be expected after her sudden and dramatic rise to stardom, but it is this video which I found so appealing. She is so open and honest in revealing her journey... in only 6 minutes of video, she brings herself to the screen, and I feel "connected". Susan did not see her "slight disability" as a deterrent, her age as an obstacle, her looks as a problem, her size and shape as undesirable - she had a dream, and it had nothing to do with what people saw on the outside. It had to do with expressing what only she could express in her own way, from the inside.

Susan has taught me in a new and different way what it is to have a dream, and then to never give up on that dream. I will buy her first cd and enjoy her dream being worked out in ways that she never imagined, ways that are surprising and exciting, and which demand much more from her than she expected. But that is what happens as dreams begin to become reality. I wish her great success, with her feet on the ground and her voice in the airwaves.

And now, I must continue to work on my dream - and return to the commission I am currently working on. Being an artist is my dream, and I am finding that it is being worked out in unexpected ways which are exciting, surprising, demanding. I am enjoying every moment - the good and the challenging.

Thank you for being a part of that dream, and for the encouragement so many of you give me with your comments...

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Anonymous said...

May all your dreams continue to come true!