Monday, November 23, 2009

"My Tea Cup" - completed commission

My Tea Cup
10" x 10" framed, original watercolor painting

You may think that this painting looks a tad familiar - and so it is. Lemon Tea sold quickly... before my show dates actually. One person who attended my show was so disappointed, as that was the painting she had set her heart on buying, that I offered to do a similar painting for her. She jumped at the opportunity, especially as she had wanted the tablecloth to be in red. She kept referring to her commissioned painting as "my tea cup", and so that is what I have named her painting!

I need to frame this one, wrap it up, and then send it to her this week. I hope she is more happy with this painting than she would have been with Lemon Tea!

And now to start on my second commission!


Dave Peters said...

Beautiful painting. Almost makes me want to switch from coffee to tea.

Paz said...

Love the title, story behind the painting and the painting itself. Love it!


Joanne said...

Hi Dave,
Glad you said "almost" - can't imagine being without that first cup of coffee in the morning... can you?

Joanne said...

Hi Paz,
I love to hear the story behind a painting too! It makes the painting take on more significance somehow. Thanks for your visit!

Nick said...

nice job, good composition!

Joanne said...

Hi Nick!
Thank you for the comment - I am honored by your visit! You are one of the few people who has influenced watercolor in an incredible way over the last few years... and I follow you regularly. Really - thank you for the comment!