Thursday, November 19, 2009


My dogs were going CRAZY barking this morning, so I went out in my pajamas/housecoat to see what was happening. (It was windy and cold, especially on bare legs and feet!) There they were, in the trees, charging a female moose. I got them to come up to the studio, and shut them in while I ran for my camera. As I went back outside, I realized there were 2 moose - a momma and her baby. I got as close as I dared (flip flops are not good for running away from a charging moose!), all the while talking to the momma, assuring her I only wanted a couple of pictures. This was the best one I got of the baby in the trees, with the darkness of the mother behind it.

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After going inside again, I saw the moose come out of the trees and across the backyard. Here is the baby standing next to our greenhouse which is 8 feet at the peak. I took this one from INSIDE the house! (The mother was already jumping the fence to our neighbour's yard.)

And finally, a bit of a profile as the baby began to follow its mother.

This afternoon the dogs were barking again - but this time they were being challenged by several large deer. Glad it wasn't the HUGE coyote that is prowling around the neighbourhood, looking for our cats as snacks. The coyote is not afraid of humans - a very dangerous situation. It has actually circled people out hiking on Saturday, and ignored the clapping and yelling that usually scares them off. I'm not going out walking alone after dark for a few days!

Have a great weekend all!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Is sure is exciting in your neck of the woods. I'm glad you were able to take these awesome photos. More, please. ;-)