Friday, February 12, 2010


Alberta Blue Triptych
original acrylic paintings
8"x 24" total of 3

Alberta Blue 1
8" x 8"

Alberta Blue 2
8" x 8"

Alberta Blue 3
8" x 8"

This is the view out my kitchen window - a huge brilliant blue sky with a bit of yellow toward the distant horizon line, and aspen poplar trees reaching for that gorgeous blue. You really can't imagine how intensely blue the skies here can be - you have to experience it!

When I looked out my kitchen window after we first moved here, I could see the farm in the valley below us. Cattle roam the valley, grazing on the grass, and the farmer plants some sort of crop down there as well. Now the tree tops are so high that the farm is completely hidden, and only in one direction can I now see the cattle feeding in the fields.

This is in late afternoon when the sun is just touching the tops of the tallest trees tops, about the time the coyotes start to howl. I love that time of day! Regardless of season, it is beautiful to see the tree tops gently swaying in the breeze, kissed by sun.

Alberta Blue is for sale. Contact me if you wish to inquire about the price:


Anonymous said...

This. Is. Beautiful. Breath-taking.


Joanne said...

You. Are. Sweet. and a very good friend! (((hugs)))

Joanne said...

You. Are. Sweet. and a very good friend! (((hugs)))

L.Holm said...

What a view!! absolutely stunning blue. Wow!