Monday, February 22, 2010


Bed-Head Blossom
15" x 15" original acrylic on standard canvas

Getting a true representation of canvas paintings can be very tricky. It bothers me that the background in this picture looks washed out compared with the actual painting - but I don't have the time to try to get a better picture, and it is too large for my scanner, so this will have to do!

I was going to call this painting "Sunflower Blossom", but after a visit on my blog from Dean Grey, I have changed its name. Dean said he liked the "bed-head look" of this flower, and I liked that description so much I have changed the name of the painting! It is now "Bed-Head Blossom". Thanks, Dean! (If you haven't checked out Dean's work, he has 2 blogs... you really should visit him here and here.)

This is the second in a series of paintings of Sunflowers. You can see the first one here. I am going to do another 15" x 15" piece, and then a few in other sizes. By the time I finish with this series, I may have grown enough new sunflowers that I can get more reference photos and start all over again! (insert insane delusional laughter here)

I also picked up some other flowers recently that I will be painting soon - some in acrylic, some in oils.

For those of you who have asked - yes, I will be returning to painting in watercolors. I may do some smaller pieces over the next few weeks. Right now though, I am trying to get as many of these acrylics completed as I can before spring. I am also planning on a few oils, and then I will go back to my work on watercolor paintings which have a poured background. Baby Giraffe, African Beast and African Elephant all have that technique for their backgrounds, and I have several more planned. These will be larger watercolors, and will take quite a bit of time to complete.

In the meantime, I am hoping for more beautiful weather where I can get out and walk in relatively "warm" temperatures. I keep thinking that spring is not all that far away, calendar-wise. But I am not wishing my days away... each ordinary day is truly a gift, even if it is cold.


Paz said...

I love the final outcome of your painting. Love the title, too. Great job. ;-)


bonnieluria said...

What a truly felt sunflower. all the petals are so genuinely seen.
I love how crammed and cropped it is on the canvas.
A beautiful portrait of a singular flower.

From your later post- what kind of paper are you using for your oils?

Joanne said...

As always, Paz, I thank you for being such a faithful and encouraging follower!

Joanne said...

Hi Bonnie!
Thanks for the feedback on this blossom!

I had some old 300 lb Arches watercolor paper that no longer worked for watercolor painting as it had dried out too much. So I gessoed each side of the paper about 5 or 6 times, to create a non-porous surface. So that's what I'm using for some oil adventures in painting! :-)

bonnieluria said...

Thanks for that tip- I think I'll try it for when the canvas panel supply is late in getting shipped here. I've sure got gesso!

Joanne said...

Let me know what you think of painting oil on paper, Bonnie! I think I am liking it. :-)