Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Working on this...

Sunflower on the easel

Another work-in-progress. I am LOVING the action and flow of this beautiful sunflower! I paid quite a bit for this stem, ($4.00!!!) and it never really opened up, which was a disappointment. But, I was able to get this angle of the flower head, which I am quite pleased with!

This canvas is 15" x 15", and the flower is being painted in acrylic. I pre-toned the canvas with my all-time favorite background color for my sunflower paintings - Quinacridone Burnt Orange. I am also using a new color in this painting- Transparent Red Oxide from KROMA, a company in Granville Island, Vancouver which makes their own paints. The texture of their acrylics is buttery and the colors are so vibrant! Their paints contain no fillers or extenders, and they are excellent as far as lightfastness goes. I visited Kroma about 3 years ago, and appreciated how they are a small company with excellent service and customer care!

I am hoping to finish this sunflower over the next few days. I will post the finished painting for you to see.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this painting. Sunflowers are one of my favorites. Keep up the great work. ;-)


Dean Grey said...


I agree, the "bed-head" look on this sunflower is what makes it so great.

Can't wait to see how you finish this painting!


Joanne said...

Hi Paz,
You are not alone in loving sunflowers - MANY people seem to have it as their favorite! Check back on Monday to see this one finished. :-)

Joanne said...

Hi Dean,
I really like that term..."bed-head"!!! That describes this blossom perfectly! I think I have to name it that... "Bead-Head Blossom"! Do you like it? LOL
I visited Exploding Doughnut and am so supporting you in this long journey you are on with your aunt and uncle. And I believe you WILL have that comic book illustrator dream come true...your light is burning BRIGHTLY! Thanks for your encouragement, Dean. And know you are definitely not alone even when you feel like you are.