Monday, June 21, 2010

EXPLOSION - textured acrylic

8" X 8" textured acrylic

I was asked to do a large commission which I can't fully reveal for another few weeks, but I thought that I could show sections of the work.

The client gave me specific colors to work in, and asked that I do 8" x 8" textured acrylics along the same lines as ones I had shown in previous posts.

What you see here is a section of one of the paintings, named "Explosion". I loved how I was able to create some watercolor effects in the border colors, even though I was working in acrylic on the moulding media. I really enjoy doing these textured paintings - each one turns out very differently from the other.

I have 6 more on the go right now which will be gifts for a wedding I am attending this summer. They will get done in between working on the oils I have on my easel right now.

I may be unable to post on my blog this week. We have been having great problems with a new internet provider we switched to. Our internet is in and out for days on end, and they cannot seem to find the problem. I will post as I am able - here's hoping the problem will be solved soon!

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