Friday, June 18, 2010

Working on this...

Autumn Fence
18" x 24"
oil on canvas (not yet finished)

This is the painting which is currently on my easel. I LOVE old wooden fences, and this one is not far from my home, along a side road that I happened to travel down one day last fall. I am surrounded by such beauty... I can hardly go anywhere but that I see a painting waiting for me to do!

I do like how I can blend in oils, but painting with oils is quite a messy process for me. Somehow, I am hoping as I continue to work in them, I will end up using less paint - so that it is all on the canvas, not half on me! But I am persevering, and it is getting somewhat better. I absolutely cannot tell you how much the brilliance of the color in oil paints has captured my passion to paint. Any subject is fair game with this medium!

I still have quite a lot to do on this painting... the trees, the bushes in the front, and then detail on the boards. But, I am planning on finishing this one up in a few days, and then it is on to a watercolor commission. Switching back to watercolor will be a challenge I am sure... totally different technique. It will keep me on my toes, so to speak!


Carol Flett said...

It's beautiful. I know how you feel about the mess. I still can't paint in oils without getting it on me, but I do LOVE what you can do with oils.

I am delighted to have discovered your site. Actually, my brother, Dave Peters gave me the link.

Joanne said...

Hi Carol!

I am just discovering the beauty of all that can be done in oils, but one thing I am sure of is that the brilliance of the colors is hard to duplicate in any other medium!

I am really happy to "meet" you - I've heard a lot about you over the years - all singing your artistic praises. :-) It will be fun to keep in touch.

Have a great week!