Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunset on Lake - new oil painting

Sunset on Lake
18" x 24" oil on canvas (still in the process of drying)

My sister-in-law's husband took a beautiful picture at sunset of the lake on which their cottage is located - in the Lake of the Woods area of Canada. We will be spending our sibling vacation there this summer. This painting is based on that photo.

I am satisfied with how this painting came together - especially for painting with oils. My demo classes with Robert E Wood are now completed, and I used many of the techniques which he demonstrated in his work. He really simplified a lot of the "mystery" behind painting with oils - but I must confess that I still get them all over my hands, my arms and my clothing! I remain a messy painter! (Robert rarely even gets the paint on his hands, let alone any of his clothing!)

I am now ready to start a new oil - I am really enjoying landscape painting for the first time! Since I live in an area where there is so much beauty in the mountains and foothills, I am excited to get out and get reference material to use - especially for winter painting. :-)

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