Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take Time to SEE the Goslings

As we were driving down the road last week, we saw the geese with their goslings - well hidden in the grass, but close enough to the road to get some pictures. They are not the best pictures as far as exposure goes since it was close to noon, and I didn't take the time to alter them in Photoshop to make them "prettier". That wasn't the point of taking these shots.

The thing is that these baby geese had been born just a short while ago, and already they were almost half done growing! Time has a way of slipping away, and we don't realize how much of our dreams is passing by as we get so busy in the daily activities of life. To see how much these goslings had grown since I first spotted them shocked me, and made me think about how quickly I allow myself to be pulled from my goals.

Sometimes the things that take my focus and attention are good things, worthy of being done. But other times, I waste the minutes (which become accumulated hours) in meaningless things. I am sure you have those kinds of activities that can pull you away from your goals too, if you think about it.

So, because I SAW the goslings, and how quickly time can pass and things can change, I am reflecting once more about how I spend my time and my goals for this year.

I have determined that I must again spend time each day in the studio, painting. Even though the good things of family, friends, gardening, being outdoors, and household chores (like cooking and cleaning) definitely have their place, I must squeeze in time to paint. That is what I feel called to do, and it fills me with peace, a sense of destiny and fulfillment. For me, to paint is a spiritual experience as well - the beauty of the created world around me is what I try to represent in some small way so that others will perhaps see differently... It has been too long since I have been in the studio on a regular basis - over a month - but that can change. Even if I have to get up earlier, or go to bed later, I will spend some time each day (5 days a week) painting.

As for the goals I set for this year - I am still doing well. Here is an update:

1. Paint 55 paintings. I have completed 29 to date, and it is June, so I think this is still possible.

2. Enter 2 juried shows. I have entered one juried competition and will be entering a second juried show for an October showing.

3. Enter a photo competition. I entered one of my photos in the International Photography Awards competition. I won't hear anything until August if my photo goes through the elimination rounds of jurying.

4. Have 2 new experiences a month. I can honestly say that this has not been difficult to achieve at all. So many new experiences have presented themselves that I actually have had MORE than 2 per month... who would have thought?

So, it is good for me to set goals, and to be reminded of continuing toward achieving them.

It was good to see the goslings, and how quickly life can go by, to remind me of what I really want to do with my life, and to get back on track. Taking time to really SEE the goslings has been a life lesson for me. I'm glad they were there to help me reevaluate and reset my course.

How about you?

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