Monday, August 16, 2010



I have just discovered these fabulous Cat's Tongue paint brushes which work soooo much better than either a filbert or an angle brush for getting into tight spaces in a painting. These little gems come to a beautiful fine point, and glide around the edges of your subject matter with ease and precision. One of my favorite award-winning watercolorists, Mary Whyte, uses Cat's Tongue brushes almost exclusively, and now I understand why! This is truly an interesting find which I recommend to you.

Another interesting find is much more disconcerting. Last night, I discovered that there are pictures of my work on a website which I had never heard of before. I didn't give my permission for the paintings to be on the website - so I don't know the process by which they ended up there. However, the good thing is that this site actually does have my blog address up and linked to the pictures... so in the end it might bring me some clients.

I wonder how many places on the internet globe my paintings and photos have wandered to? I know of some artists who have found that their pieces are being copied by other artists or being used in other unethical ways. Have you had anything like this happen with your work? How do you view it... as a natural consequence of having a presence on the internet, or as a theft of sorts?

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