Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Acrylic Painting -wip

ALBERTA BLUE background on 3- 20" x 20" canvasses

Several months ago, I did a small triptych version of what this will large triptych will be. It is hard to show you all of the canvasses in one picture as they are each 20" x 20", and it is rather "grey" in the studio today (overcast and raining) , so the light is not even on the canvas, and mostly overhead light instead of natural light. Still - you can tell what color is on the canvas.

The blue of the background is a very subtle shift from a darker blue at the top through my special blend of pigment which I have named "Alberta Blue" to a lighter blue at the bottom of the canvas. On top of the beautiful and intense background sky color will be the silhouettes of tree tops which are lit by late afternoon sun.

I have had so many comments on the small 8" x 8" version of this painting that I decided to paint the larger triptych to include in my November art show. I'll show you the finished version - and try to get it all into one picture!

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