Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacation's Over!

After a week in Lake of the Woods area of Ontario, Canada, I feel like I had a bit of a real summer! Not every day was hot and sunny, but we were in a cabin on a beautiful lake, with my husbands sisters and spouses, and it was fun!

On the day when it was colder and overcast/rainy, we went golfing on a little 9-hole course just a short drive away. We girls played together and let the guys go ahead for their "real" game of golf. We played best ball, which was sometimes not that far from where the last ball had been!

On our way to the golf course, we stopped at the garbage dump. There were bears there which were HUGE and had made this place their home. There is a person who stays at the dump every day it is open to ensure that people don't get injured by the bears - but it was a great opportunity to get some good closeup pictures of these creatures.

But, now that we are home (it was 36*C the day we drove back home), it is back to reality. It seems that fall is setting in early as it is only 1*C this morning, and school is starting this week for many kids. The art classes I am teaching begin next week, and I have an art show in both September and October, so it is busy. I like to keep busy, though, so that is all good.

This coming weekend is the last long weekend of summer... so we will be enjoying the barbeque, friends and family at a birthday party for my granddaughter. The tree house that my husband built for the children will be put to good use with all the kids coming over, and we will hope for sunny weather! I won't be posting again until next week as I am trying to get paintings finished, lesson plans completed, supplies bought, and meetings attended. Have a great last bit of summer, and I'll "see" you next Wednesday.

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