Friday, August 27, 2010

Teaching this fall

Leah, developing her painting

This spring, I had a student that I taught for about 8 weeks. She had done quite a bit of sketching, but wanted to learn how to paint fur. So in our time together, she learned about much more than just painting fur, of course, and in the end, she had a painting which was entered in a competition, and which her parents framed as her 1st painting ever. I am sure she will become a recognized artist if she continues to pursue her passion.

This fall, I get to teach Leah again. But, I also have somehow acquired many more students along the way! I am going to teach on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from morning till night! I have 2 groups of students, and the rest are private students. How old are they you ask? The youngest is 6, and currently, the oldest is entering grade 10.

I also have some adults (whose ages shall remain mysteriously unknown) who are asking about the possibility of a Saturday workshop to teach them beginning concepts in acrylic painting. If I get enough people interested, I will definitely develop this workshop and set a date.

Some of my students are being homeschooled, and these art classes are one of the two options they are allowed in the curriculum. Having been a teacher for the Calgary School Board for 14 years, and having taught art as a teacher, I am very familiar with the curriculum requirements. So, for the homeschoolers, I am aligning my teaching with the AB Art Curriculum.

Others of my students are not homeschooled, and simply have an interest in developing an interest (or a passion) in painting or in drawing.

So - currently I have 14 students. It's going to be a very busy fall! It will be fun to see all that my students learn and do, and I am SURE I will learn much from them along the way. :-)

If you are in the Calgary area, and want your child in lessons, I have room for a few more in one of the group lessons. If you are interested in the weekend adult workshop, let me know. For either option, just send me an e-mail:

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Paz said...

that's very cool! if i lived closer, i'd take lessons from you, too.