Friday, October 22, 2010

2011 Photographic Calendar

My new limited edition 2011 calendar is now in its final stages of printing! I am very excited to see how it has turned out again this year! I use a local printer who takes great care to give me what I have asked for. If you are in the Calgary area, Emerson-Clarke Printing on 19th Street NE are absolutely stellar!

Each of the pages in the 2011 Photographic Calendar has high resolution, stunning original photos which I have taken over the last year and a bit. Wild animals, amazing skies, beautiful flowers, gorgeous landscapes, and even an old rusted vehicle are some of the 14 pages of photos in this calendar! Because the photos are in such a high resolution, they are actually suitable for framing after the calendar year is over!

Each page spread features the photo, as well as the month before, the current month, the month to come on the print page, and all the holidays and special days are noted on the dates.

I am pre-selling these calendars until November 1st at a reduced price - $15 per calendar. If you buy them at my art show, they will be slightly more costly ($17). And once the 100 calendars are sold, they are gone, never to return. :-)

You can buy one (or more) by e-mailing me ( or through PayPal. If you need them mailed out to you, I am charging $5. per calendar.

Click on this link (my website) to see 3 of the 14 photos you receive when you purchase one of these calendars...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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