Monday, November 22, 2010

Back from a holiday!

Huge driftwood root 

Rocks are pitted by the salt water
I have just returned from a week away, a week on the West Coast of Canada. My husband and I left the morning after my home art show and flew to Comox, then rented a car and drove to Nanaimo, British Columbia. From there, a short ferry ride took us to one of the Gulf Islands - Gabriola Island. What a beautiful place!

For 3 days we explored the 20 km by 5 km island, enjoyed local cuisine, and walked the many beaches which ranged from pebble through sand to incredible rock formations such as you see in the photo. The salt water erodes the soft sandstone, creating amazing and interesting textures. Some of the beaches have great amounts of driftwood, with some of the pieces being larger than a small car.

The weather was perfect! Every day had sunshine and at least 10*C. The one large storm/winds which was predicted came and went at night, so we never even heard it!

I was able to get some great pictures which I think will make good paintings - one of my winter projects!

From Gabriola Island we traveled up the coast to Campbell River where we visited with my sister and her husband for a few days. Again, the weather cooperated, and remained warm enough for us to walk by the ocean every day. Food, family and ocean - a great combination!

When we boarded our plane to come back home, the flight attendant asked us why we wanted to leave "Paradise" to go back to Calgary...and we all felt that way seeing as we were leaving a place which is still green and above zero to return to -22*C!!! But, the vacation was over, so we had to leave.

And now it is back to the life of an artist - which is just wonderful as far as I am concerned! As long as the heat is on in the studio and a cup of coffee or tea in my hand,  I will be warm and ready to create! One of those benefits of winter I was talking about in my last post. :-)

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