Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cowgirl on Fence
a painting-to-be in the future

This is such a beautiful picture that I think I just HAVE to paint it, probably in watercolor. The 3 different blues, the folds in the fabric (denim being one of my favorite materials to paint) and the uptilted face - who could resist painting that?

This is my granddaughter. She loves horses, and was at a horse camp this summer where she got to ride them for a whole week. She has been on a horse since she was a tiny 3 year old (she is now 9), and dreams about owning and caring for her own horse constantly. Here she is sitting on top of the fence, pretending to be riding one of the horses she rode this summer. :-)

Our days have been quite warm - especially for the beginning of November! Yesterday I was able to wash my outside windows, and we barbecued hamburgers for supper. Usually it would be too cold and even too snowy to do anything like washing windows, so I am grateful for this short reprieve before winter truly sets in.

I am reading a book - well, actually, I am absorbing a book - that I got from the library. It is all about how the skeletal structure and the muscles attached to the bone create the expressions we see on faces. It is fascinating reading, and I am learning a lot which will be invaluable in my own work and in teaching my art students, many of whom want to learn about portraiture.

Tonight, my daughter and I are going to watch a dvd about how one master artist, Zhaoming Wu, goes about creating his amazing paintings.  It is such fun to have the time and resources to learn about other artists and their techniques! And, of course, I am still working on the last few of my paintings for my art show. Life is soooo good.

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Anonymous said...

This photo would make an AWESOME painting. Whan you finish it, please don't forget to share it with us. ;-)

DVD sounds interesting to watch, as is the book you mentioned. Interesting read.

Paz xoxo