Monday, November 29, 2010

Western Art by my friend, Sandy Rogers

Original watercolor painting by Sandy Rogers

Every once in a while I come across an artist's work that I think is quite stunning. Such was the case last fall when I was in an art show and met Sandy Rogers. We had arrived at the facility where the show was to be held at about the same time in the morning. I pulled my 3 small canvasses from my Jeep and carried them into the building. Sandy, however, was unpacking stuff off the top of her truck - serious BIG stuff! I offered to help, and was soon on the other side of large sheets of lattice which we carried into the building and set up.

Sandy's husband had built her a display centre of 3 sheets of lattice (connected with bolts)  which could hang about 12 of her gorgeous large watercolors - all in a western theme. Boots, butts, ropes, lassos, horses, wood, spurs - anything you can think of that would be at a rodeo was beautifully painted into the pictures. Even little boys watching their heroes riding horses in the competitions! 

Original watercolor painting by Sandy Rogers

As you can see from these pictures of her work, Sandy is a really wonderful artist. She has just placed her work online for purchase of originals and prints. I love the one below!

You can find Sandy's work here. I hope you will visit her site and enjoy her paintings. If you want to contact her to commission or ask about a piece, you can reach her at rogers_sandy@hotmail.comI wish her much success as she ventures out into the world of online galleries!

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very nice art work!