Friday, January 28, 2011


acrylic painting of a Mexican door - a work in progress

I love beginnings. For me, they are always full of promise, excitement, adventure...I just love the potential contained in a new beginning!

Today I began this new acrylic painting. It is from a Mexican door photo I took in a little village up in the mountains about an hour outside of Guadalajara. The wood is old, weathered, rusted.  It has odd nails and a door knocker and keyhole which I am sure are never used. Since I love weathered battered old wood, I took several photos of various doors, and have been waiting to paint another one since I did Mexican Keyhole, which you can see here. These doors are truly unlike anything else I have ever seen - very unique and even puzzling in how they actually function!

I will show you how this painting looks as it progresses. This is just the base underpainting layer. Lots to develop on top of this! But already, just in shading in the undercoating, I am excited to paint this one! 

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