Monday, January 31, 2011

Next Stage

Mexican Door - work in progress
acrylic on canvas

As much as I love beginnings, I also love this stage where the painting begins to "jump off the canvas" for me. Here I can begin to tell that the door knocker is hanging in front of the wood, and that the nail heads are 3-dimensional. There's so much yet to be done, but this is encouragement for be able to see that, unless I blow it somehow, this painting will be one that I like.

I will now begin to develop the wood grain and weathering. I'll post another picture when that stage is complete. :-) 

(By the way, I have one of my art students who is 11 years old working on painting from this photo as well. She has her own unique style - so it will be interesting to see how she interprets and paints this door.) 


Kathy said...

I'm following your stages. This is great!

Joanne said...

Hi Kathy!
Thank you for the visit. :-) I am honored that you are interested to see the stages... thanks for making a comment. I LOVE your latest series!!! I will be following your work for sure. Have a great week.