Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In the Light
watercolor on 140 lb paper
15" x 22"

I was asked some time ago to participate in an upcoming event called "Celebrating God... An Offering of the Arts". The entire evening in early February will be based on personal responses to women reading Psalm 1. There will be songs, poems, paintings, and other art forms, all arising from reading and meditating on Psalm 1.

In the Light is my entry for the event. For me, the tulips represent how I want to walk in the light, living  according to the spiritual principles mentioned in this Psalm.

It was wonderful to work in watercolor again. The beauty of creation always draws me in, and watercolor, with its delicate yet vibrant colors, helps me to express the feelings I have when I am in nature. For me, beauty and solitude bring peace and contentment to my soul. I am grateful to live in an area of this country where beauty is all around me. Mountains, prairie, grassland, huge brilliant blue skies, wildlife,'s all here. I am so blessed with family, friends, home and surroundings!

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