Monday, January 17, 2011

Time to Replace Old Friends!

When I went to use my brushes on an acrylic painting the other day, I realized that there was so little left of the bristles that it was time to replace my "old friends". I was very sad, because I love these hog hair Winsor and Newton brushes. They were some of the first "really good" brushes that I invested in and are so perfect for the kind of painting I do. I was sure that I would be unable to replace them with the same kind of brush - I've looked before.

I took the old brushes with me when I went to the art store on Saturday, and WAHOO!!!! I was able to find the SAME BRUSHES!!! I was elated! There was no doubt that I needed new ones - here you can see the length of bristle on the new brushes compared to the old. Yup - there's a lot of paint that has passed from these bristles onto canvas! They served me well! And now, I don't need to adjust to a different kind of brush - just to longer bristles on the same kind of brush. :-)

(I even got a larger sized one for those big canvasses, and am looking forward to breaking all these new friends in!) 

Really - good brushes are one of your best investments. You can't go wrong with just a couple of good brushes that are the workhorses of your painting. It does make a difference. And when the bristles are so short you can barely see them anymore - well, it's time to replace those old friends with new ones. 

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