Friday, January 7, 2011

A noteworthy blog..."CANADIAN SCRATCH'

Chicken Soup for the Soul and Stomach

Have you ever wondered how to make soup "from scratch", or how to bake healthful cookies, or even what pots and pans are the best for you to buy and use? 

Have you ever wondered why you SHOULD make things from fresh, natural ingredients, or how easy it actually is?

Well, there is a new blog on the scene which I am very excited about, so I want to share it with you as well! The above picture is the beginnings of homemade chicken soup - and you need no special equipment, knowledge or skill...just some encouragement and the way to go about doing it. 

The reason I am so excited to introduce "Canadian Scratch" is that I personally have tasted the wonderful results of the recipes that Jessica is sharing on this blog. She is my daughter-in-law, and truthfully, I would say that she and my son, Chris, are  amateur chefs. They make the most amazing meals, condiments, desserts EVER - and all with a mind to being healthy and using natural whole ingredients. No gimmicks - just fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices anyone can buy in a store. But when put together, they make PHENOMENAL flavors and smells...

For example, we were at their house on Christmas Day, and Jess and Chris made us non-traditional Christmas food. Lunch was rice noodles, Miso soup, and Seaweed Salad, accompanied by their own homemade Sate, Chili Ketchup, and some other sauces I don't remember the names of which were also delicious. If you had told me I would actually enjoy these dishes, I wouldn't have believed you. But, suspending my negative thoughts to try something new turned out to be a taste experience I really enjoyed and want to replicate in my own kitchen. (Can't wait for the recipe for Jess's version of Miso Soup to appear so you can try it also!)

Dinner on Christmas Day was a gourmet feast of roasted duck, roasted potatoes, fresh salad (with wonderful non-traditional veggies like kale), and a glass of non-oaked Canadian wine, which means no sulfites which cause my husband and son to have migraine headaches. A delight visually and gastronomically! 

Truly, you will want to bookmark CANADIAN SCRATCH, become a follower of Jessica Giesbrecht's  blog so you don't miss even one post, and ask Jess your most pressing questions about cooking/prep/shopping and so on. She is like all of us...pressed for time with 2 young boys, a husband who works long hours,  and a busy schedule, yet she has found a way to do the healthful things she is sharing on her blog. You can too!

All the best to you on this new adventure in cooking!


Gerry & Donna said...

Hi Joanne.This does sound wonderful. About the wine though-all Canadian wine (even unoaked) contains sulphites-it is added to the bottles as well. the grapes are also sprayed with sulpher dioxide. Just a thought.
I do enjoy your blog

Joanne said...

Hi Donna!!!
Happy New Year!

Thanks for that clarification on the wines! I guess the fact that there are fewer sulphites in the unoaked wine helps Syd avoid the headaches...

Glad you stop by and read my blog. It's great when people make comments too. :-)

Canadian Scratch said...

Thank you for the encouragement! I have a lot to share on this new blog and I am having tonnes of fun sharing it!!

Joanne said...

I am happy to let others know about your blog, Jess! I know how much they will benefit through all that you share. You are a good writer, and clarity counts for a lot... I think your blog will be wildly popular in no time at all!

Janet W said...

I will check this out. I LOVE food blogs.

Joanne said...

Hi Janet!
You'll be glad you did check it out! :-)