Monday, February 14, 2011

Pastel Sheep

While I am waiting for my pastel order to arrive from Dick Blick Art Supplies so that I can complete The Bride (another piece you'll see soon), I continue to work at night in pastel - when I am able to do so, of course.

This male sheep is coming along beautifully! 

In November, my husband and I were on Gabriola Island which is just off of Vancouver Island. Exploring the island was lots of fun, and several times we passed a large pasture of sheep. One of those times, the day was overcast, and the lighting was just right for taking pictures.

Syd pulled off the road, and I got right into the ditch to snap the shots that I wanted. The sheep totally ignored me, which was fine with me... but while I was behind the lens, I heard a loud insistent bleating begin. When I looked up, none of the sheep in the field were even looking at me. However, across the road was a male sheep, jumping up on a bale of hay to get  a closer look at me and to call out that he wanted attention.

I crossed the road, and began to take some shots of him when a truck came racing down the road, really FAST. The woman stopped, rolled down her window and asked what I wanted! I showed her my camera, and said I was just taking some pictures of the sheep. She was looking after the farm for the people who were away, and she was being very diligent!!! I don't know if she thought we were ready to wrestle a 300 pound sheep into the back seat of a tiny car, and then make a run for the ferry to steal it off the island, but she sure was agitated! I quietly walked back to the car, got in, and as we drove away, she drove her truck down the driveway to the farmhouse, presumably to ensure we had not been there and stolen something from the yard!

Anyways, I did get a good shot of this great ram, and I have been waiting to do him in pastel. This is as much as I accomplished yesterday...I will be working on him as I "watch" t.v. tonight. :-)

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