Monday, May 9, 2011

A Child in Portrait

"Early One Morning"
original pencil portrait
9 x 12

This year I have had the unbelievable priviledge of having my daughter, her husband, and their 3 children live with my husband and me. The other morning, my only granddaughter was still at the breakfast table when everyone else had left. She is a slow eater most meals, and she was just sitting in the sunlight, enjoying the alone-time. I came into the kitchen from the studio, and immediately ran back to get my camera for a few photos. The lighting was amazing, and she just glowed as she sat there. I loved doing this portrait! Sydney is a beautiful girl, and I hope I captured her specialness in this portrait. When I asked her what I should name the drawing, she responded "Early One Morning" - which it was when the photo was taken.


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Hello dear Paz! So good to see your name here again. How are you doing? Has spring come to NYC yet? ((hug))