Monday, May 2, 2011

Portrait in Pencil

original pencil portrait

Last fall, my friend Julie (who named our acreage "Narnia"), came to visit us. I convinced her to sit for a photo session, knowing that I wanted to do her portrait at some time. Well, that time came last week. I pulled out the photos I had taken, and chose this pose for the portrait. The sun was very bright, and so the shadows are really deep, and the brights are really light. I am very pleased with how this portrait turned out. The paper I used is Strathmore Windpower Smooth Bristol (acid free). I used only Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils in values from 4H to 6B. I began with the eyes, then moved to the mouth and nose. As soon as these features were correct, it was "easy" to get the rest. The part that took the longest to do? The hair! Working in pencil meant I had to go over the hair again and again to get the darks really really dark. Who would have thought that? I hope you think "Julie" is as striking as I do...she is a beautiful woman inside and out.

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