Thursday, June 30, 2011


My beautiful daughter-in-law was about 17 years old when this photo was taken. She was supposed to be playing the part of a sad hobo. But even with much of her face covered in black and white, she still looks gorgeous, and her amazing eyes hold your focus/attention!  I'm not sure what to name this portrait...any suggestions?

To commission a pencil portrait, all I need is a high resolution photo sent to me via e-mail.

You have two size and price choices:

9” x 12” drawing with one person for $80
9” x 12” drawing with two people for $95
11” x 14” drawing with one person for $125
11” x 14” drawing with two people for $145
Other sizes of drawings and numbers of people in the portrait can be discussed for pricing.

If the drawing is quite complicated (complex design in the clothing, for example), I reserve
the right to reasonably adjust the prices to cover the extra time it takes to render those
details. You can also have the portraits matted and framed for an additional cost. Contact me at

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