Friday, July 22, 2011

9" x 12" pencil portrait

My beautiful daughter posed for me a couple of years ago so that I could do her portrait. At the time, I was going to try painting her in oils, after an artist I admire - PINO. But when I was looking for another pencil portrait subject, I thought that this would be a perfect pose to show the light and shadow on her face. If you notice, there is a very distinct line of shadow which helps to form the planes of her face. As one person said to me, "She is drop-dead gorgeous!" I hope you agree when you see this portrait, or I have not done her justice at all. :-)


Laura A. said...

Very beautiful... your daughter and your drawing!

Joanne said...

Thank you Laura! She made a great subject to draw - and she has been one of my best cheerleaders in my art career. She, too, has become an artist, and an amazing one at that!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pencil portrait. You have a beautiful subject.