Thursday, July 21, 2011


This week has been busy with an annual sibling vacation. Yes - you did read that right! While many people seem to avoid siblings when they become adults, my husband and his sisters reserve a portion of their vacation time to get together with spouses, and just hang out together. The girls try each year to buy some sort of "team jacket" to remember each vacation by.

This year, the holiday fun was right here in my home. Everyone arrived on Sunday, and by tonight, all will have left after completing this year's reunion. We have played games (my partner and I are reigning Kaiser champions for this year - way to go Al!), gone white water rafting, golfing, eaten way too much food, laughed a lot, and stayed up much too late every night. But what fun - and what memories!

And yesterday, at the golf course, we got our team jackets for this year. White, soft, luxurious material, and just right for the 4 girls. I love mine. It has the name of the golf course on it - just to keep those memories floating in our minds when we wear them.

I'll get back to painting next week. After I catch up on sleep. :-)

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