Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Oranges and Crystal
15" x 22" original watercolor

When I set up this still life to photograph, I didn't realize how the oranges were reflected in the kitchen window, and the decking and white rail were also visible to some extent. It made for an interesting and somewhat abstract background to the very realistic crystal bowl. I am very pleased with this watercolor - especially the shadows under the oranges and of course, the bowl. This is the first attempt I have made at doing crystal, and it certainly caused me to sllooooowwwww down and have patience!  But  I do love how it all turned out, so I may do something more with glass in the near future. :-)

1 comment:

Laura A. said...

I really like how you got the values so well in the indentations of the glass. And the oranges look delish!